Built-in Pro 只收錢不交貨, 還刻意拖延,意在加收額外費用, Built-in Pro私自更改產品附件,意圖不按產品說明交貨,我向品牌討訴,向消費者委員會討訴,Built-in Pro都不理, 最後向小額錢債, 還會換來 Built-in Pro職員的電話騷擾

NO delivery, NOT delivered in 3 days after paid. It is even worse and NOT delivered after the last remind call in 7 days after fully paid, 28 days after order placed with 500 deposit

1) 31 Oct 2015,
I place the order of purchase Siemens er73357hk Gas Hub in Built- Pro Shop with HK$500 deposit paid. Before, A few phone calls was made and checking the product information listed through product page in Built-in Pro website. As below: http://builtinpro.hk/cooking/built_in_hobs/built_in_town_gas_hobs/er74357hk
陳列室地址 : 香港九龍紅磡馬頭圍道103-105號地下及1樓, Tel: 2330 2530
PAID: HK$ 500 deposit (See attachment 001. JPG Order slip)
Request installation ASAP.
Built-Pro promise: Arrange site visit and arrange installation and in 3 days

2) 3 Nov 2015
Site visit and checking, See Work order: Reference 002.jpg
My Request: 1) Provide quote of the items listed the work order, and
2) Provide the earliest date of the installation
Siemens (representative): 1) He will send the work order to Built-Pro Shop
2) Built-pro will provide the quote and installation date.

3) November 10, 2015 8:51 PM
No reply at after a week, I call Built-in Pro at 2330 2530 , But it is always busy, Then send email to ‘info@builtinpro.hk’, see Reference 003: 003 : email sent in November 10, 2015 8:51 PM
My request in mail : Please advise how does it goes to next??

4) November 11, Morning
A said staff from Built-pro Monkok Shop staff reply through phone call,
by saying: No order record, No way to follow
My reply with promise to send them the record

5) November 12, Morning
I sent the order records to ‘info@builtinpro.hk’, through email, See Reference004
Built-in Pro staff ( Yao So ) call back and read the information in word order # 67667 to me.
Wong: Stop her to read it by say:
1) I sent it to you I have the information in hand, I don’t need you the read it
2) When will you send me the formal quote? Which you have tell me the estimate cost (about HK$500) in phone call earlier Oct 215 before I went to the shop and placed the order.
3) When will you arrange delivery and installation

6) 13 Nov 2015,
Send email to info@builtinpro.hk, see reference 005
Wong: It is more than the 3 days delivery installation promise. If you don’t want to complete the order, Please refund!

7) 14 Nov 2015,
Call the Siemens Home Appliances Authorized Installation / Repair Contractor at 2565 6151
She say: No Work order record of #67667
Wong: 1) I read the detail in word order record to her!
2) Request for follow up

8) 16 Nov 2015
Send email to ‘cs@builtinpro.hk’ and info@builtinpro.hk, with order records again, seen attachment Reference 006
Wong request: What is the next step? When will you delivery?

9) 17 Nov 2015,
Call the Siemens Home Appliances Authorized Installation / Repair Contractor at 2565 6151 again
Wong: 2) Request Siemens to follow up, Built-in Pro DOES NOT MOVE
Built-in Pro (阮生) reply through phone call and Read the work order message again.
Wong: 1) Stop his reading by say: I sent you the record, I have it in hand DO NOT NEED YOU TO READ IT!
2) Request to deliver the Gas hub, No need their installation,
3) Request to list out the included parts
Built-in Pro (阮生) reply in phone call: They will not provide the pressure gate, as it MUST comes with the installation guy, NOT Provided by Siemens.

Wong: Request Built-in Pro (阮生) to write it in Email by reply. Finally He did NOT.
See email message: Reference 007

10) 20 Nov 2015
PAID Balance amount (HKD 3,699.00) of the Gas hub + sent email with payment slip, See reference 008
Wong request : Please advise when you arrange delivery and installation.
All email account (cs@builtinpro.hk, and info@builtinpro.hk) DO NOT work! See reference 009 and reference 010
Follow with fax to : Built-in Pro Shops 2384 9255, 2330 2503, Seimens at (852) 2565 6252
Email: to Seimens webpage Drop-in message

Built-in Pro (YAN) reply: 已收到你的入數收據., 我會盡快幫你安排送貨安裝., YAN
See reference 011

11) November 26
Sent email to Built-in pro, see reference 012
1st Phone call Built-in Pro (MR Kowk)
Wong ask before Mr Kowk before any words from him, at right after he answer the phone call
Ask 1) Will you completed the deal?
Ask 2) When will you deliver and install?
Built-in Pro (MR Kowk) reply: 1) No answer to the questions above and
2) start reading the message in work order again one by one.
Wong drop his reading after told him: I send you the work order record, I don’t you to read it to me

In 2nd round phone call:
Built-in Pro (MR Kowk) call in: read another part of the work order message.
Wong drop his line after told him after: I am not paying to ask you to read it! Please go back to the order. It is a late delivery. Don’t waste my time